About Us

The service offered by our expert collaborators in every sector to our international clients includes activities: technical consultancy and the facilitation of international trade and negotiations, considering the many interpersonal relationships accumulated over the years; technical management, trade and transport of both mineral (coal, iron,.....) and food (wheat, sugar, .....) raw materials and energy, semi-finished finished products and more; design, construction, testing, appraisals; high specialization in the sectors of infrastructure and transport, services, commerce and industry: civil and environmental, urban planning, dams, bridges, luxury hotels, villas, skyscrapers, enormous works of art, monuments, railways, airports, ports, Industrial, information systems, naval , mechanics, automotive, aeronautical, oil and gas, automated systems and diagnostic surveys with instrumentation, green energy, business plans, complex projects and more. Guarantee and professionalism in fulfilling the various requests of the most demanding of customers with dedication and favoring human relationships